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A place that you should not have to brave
on your own.

The world is a confusing and sometimes intimidating place.

By serving as a thought partner, advisor, and facilitator, the MING Team creates spaces where leaders can engage in collaboration and ideation to identify, assess, and address their thorniest challenges.  


One-on-one coaching engagements are tailored to address specific goals outlined by the coachee at the start of the relationship, with relationships typically lasting between 6 to 12 months. Our coaches operate as architects, thought partners, and facilitators of an open and safe space that inspires leaders to effect real change in their lives, their work, and the spaces they lead. Throughout the coaching process, we provide coachees with specific tools and skills they can continue to deploy to engage in a self-driven process to support self-reflection, assessment, and problem-solving of new challenges.  This means coachees are able to independently manage themselves to make progress towards their goals long after our work together is done.


Small group coaching engagements are designed to provide a small cohort of 10 or fewer individuals (an Accountability Squad) with a facilitated experience.  Accountability Squads explore topics of mutual interest and engage in a peer-supported accountability system to implement an action plan to achieve specific goals. Being part of an Accountability Squad offers an opportunity for all members to learn how to create, leverage, and manage a peer coaching process independently after the conclusion of our work. Accountability Squads are typically convened and supported for a period of 9 to 12 months with the meeting frequency and session times determined based on group input.



Developing and implementing an organizational DEIB strategy is one of the most challenging pieces of work that leaders will ever engage in, and this is not work that leaders should do alone.  As DEIB Strategists, we work to design processes that engage diverse stakeholders, offer expert counsel, and leverage high-quality facilitation to identify opportunities to define, commit to, embed, and measure progress in achieving specific DEIB goals.



Organizations increasingly want to offer tailored programs to meet the needs and interests of specific affinity groups.  As DEIB Strategists, we work with CEOs and their teams to design and facilitate unique programs to create and hold safe space for an organization’s affinity group members to:

  • Express themselves candidly without feeling penalized or judged

  • Request help in solving challenging organizational and leadership issues

  • Reflect on and articulate the resources and support they need to increase their sense of belonging in the workplace and to achieve their fullest potential at work

  • Access new networks of leaders who have faced and solved similar challenges in leadership

  • Participate in and learn how to independently facilitate a peer coaching model to tackle issues, share resources, and develop action plans to address professional and personal challenges


As the war for talent heats up, leaders must increasingly provide their staff members with opportunities to participate in high-quality, cost-effective, and relevant leadership development programs. And as the number of leadership development programs has proliferated, it has become increasingly difficult to quickly assess and ensure alignment between the goals of these programs and the goals of the organization. We work with leaders to provide the thought partnership and expertise required to design and implement tailored programs that are fully aligned with an organization’s culture, goals, and values. Through this collaboration, we support leaders in developing programs that create spaces enabling self-reflection, self-assessment, skill-building, and blue-sky thinking.


By acting as technical advisors and thought partners, we create spaces that enable leaders to engage in collaboration and ideation to identify, assess, and address challenging issues. These issues are identified at the start of the engagement through an inquiry and exploration process. A typical engagement can last between 4 to 12 months, depending on the depth of the topic being addressed. Through a series of deep-dive sessions, we work with leaders to tackle the root causes of their thorniest challenges and identify solutions and resources for remediation.


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