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The Memo I Never Got (MING) is a strategic advisory firm that provides bespoke services to leaders committed to building cultures, spaces, programs, and initiatives that drive high-performance by teams who value diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in their work.  Our work offers benefits to all leaders with an enterprise and we are committed to only engaging in projects that are deliberately designed to ensure outsized and positive benefits can also be realized by individuals who identify as BIPOC or women.

On a mission to change the game by reducing MING moments and increasing the number of BIPOC and women leaders who are able to realize their full potential in their work and their lives-now, rather than 'someday'.


Erica Hamilton, Founder & Principal

Personal Journey

Throughout my career, I have always found myself drawn to create and inhabit spaces designed to resource, support, and empower individuals who identify as BIPOC or women.  Over the course of my career, I have experienced my most profound moments of joy when I have been able to help BIPOC and women individuals to live whole lives now.  Living a whole life means living a life where we feel emboldened to display our most salient identities in the communities we occupy; and these communities believe all identities hold value, power, and significance.

​I am passionate about creating and holding space to provide thought partnership that enables senior leaders to reconnect with their values, goals, and aspirations in the whirlwind of distraction occurring in their day-to-day lives.  This passion has taken me around the globe and through a career spanning the private, non-profit, and academic sectors. The idea for MING stems from my own personal journey and experiences working with leaders, often individually or in small groups, to design spaces and action plans that remove the barriers preventing BIPOC and women leaders from leading whole lives now.  These interactions have also shown me that I am most effective when I adopt a Star Thrower approach to my coaching and consulting engagements-supporting individuals or small teams who then drive impact for a larger community of BIPOC and women individuals.

Over the past decade, I have provided support to hundreds of leaders across a variety of sectors. Whether it be as a strategic thought partner,  designer, and facilitator of leadership development programs, an advisor on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategies and initiatives, or serving as an Executive Coach to C-suite leaders, I have always found joy in helping leaders use their power to drive impact and advance the lives and careers of individuals identifying as BIPOC or women. 

Professional Experience

I am a tri-sector executive with over two decades of experience serving as an Executive Director, Executive & Leadership Coach, DEIB Strategist, Grantmaker, and Strategic Advisor in the non-profit, private, and academic sectors. 

I have spent over a decade designing and managing educational, professional, and leadership development programs for several social enterprises, including City Year, Prep for Prep, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, iMentor and the Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship.  I have also worked as a Principal and am currently a Board Member at Arbor Brothers-a grantmaking organization that awards grants and provides capacity-building support to leaders of early-stage non-profit enterprises focused on helping individuals to transition out of poverty.
During my time in the private sector, I spent nearly a decade working at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup leading teams and overseeing projects in the US and abroad to create and implement: leadership development programs, DEIB strategies, sales & marketing programs and new business initiatives.
And over nearly the past two decades, I have had the privilege of serving as a faculty member at NYU, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Institute for Non-profit Practice.  At this moment, I also serve as the Founding Director of the Black Leadership Institute and a Management Faculty Member for the Institute for Non-profit Practice.    

Lastly in the past few years, three endeavors that I’ve dedicated my time to include serving as: the Co-Founder of the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC); serving as the Lead Designer & Program Director for the Pinkerton Advanced Leadership Network (PALN) and designing and implementing a series of unique global leadership development programs offering tailored support and resources to Executive BIPOC leaders.


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